Features in Development

Explore new features in development below, which allow even more direct interactive access to transparently reported study components:

  1. replication details when hovering over replication label,
  2. study-level curation of transparency components (e.g., Colby et al., 2015),
  3. direct access to publicly accessible embeddable content on hover (e.g., hover over preregistration and Code Ocean icons of Campbell et al., 2018), and
  4. curated lists of open materials/data files on hover (e.g., hover over open data icon of Vize, Collison et al., 2018).

Show only articles with: Reporting standard/Methodological disclosure statement
Open/public study materials
Preregistered study design/Registered Report format
Open/public data
Reproducible code/Code Ocean computational capsule
Article type: Original Replication Meta-analysis